Most three-year-olds become more and more curious and interested in the world around them. At this age, hands-on activities and learning continue to be important as children manipulate items to learn more about how the world works and their place within it. Additionally, social skills blossom and the teachers, classrooms, and the curriculum for three-year-olds at Jaycees Early Learning Center are all here to support your child as they continue their growth, development, and practice.

Classes For Three-Year-Olds

Jaycees Early Learning Center believes in bringing out the best in your three-year-old through age-appropriate, interactive learning activities that allow them to discover more about themselves and their own little world around them. Your child will keep busy with hands-on learning activities in centers that involve block play, dramatic play, art and crafts, math, science, and language arts. Each month, there will be a field trip in the community to help expand their knowledge and understanding of various subjects as well as the environment that surrounds them.

The teachers in these programs continue to build caring and responsive relationships with your child. In addition to providing, and supporting the children during, learning activities, our teachers also engage in play with children. By doing so, they are able to support your child’s growing appreciation for peer relationships and individual interests, as well as their own independence. Each child has a portfolio developed that tracks their progress. Portfolios are also used as a tool for planning activities according to each child’s developmental needs and can be a helpful resource for parents to attain a better understanding of their child’s needs.

Learn More About Our Preschool Curriculum

If you have a preschool-aged child and have been searching the web for ‘preschool near me’ but have not had any success, be sure to check out our early learning center preschool programs. Schedule a tour of our affordable child care in Fort Washington today!