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Infant Daycare Programs

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Infant Daycare In Fort Washington

At Jaycee's Early Learning Center, our Maryland child care center has three large infant rooms. Teachers work individually with each child to accommodate their physical, cognitive, and psycho-social stages of development. Each child in the infant room follows a schedule that is uniquely their own. Upon enrollment, we conduct a brief screening, asking parents what goals they would like to see their little one work toward, and create a schedule to ensure that those goals are met. Our certified caregivers have planned activities to interact with the babies throughout the day to aid in their cognitive and personal development skills and work toward achieving each infant's individual goals. Over time, the schedule is modified as each infant's development progresses, and as parents provide input on desired objectives they may have for their little one.


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Our infant program utilizes the Maryland State Department of Education’s Healthy Beginnings Guidelines to track each child's developmental progress. Our caregiver team plans fun, healthy activities to encourage comprehensive growth in the following areas:

  • Personal-Social Development. Increases an infant's self-awareness, how they feel about others, and how they play and communicate with around them.
  • Cognitive Development. An infant's growing ability to observe, perceive, and understand the world around them.
  • Language Development. An infant's ability to listen, understand, and begin to use words. The speech of infants typically progresses in specific stages, from crying to babbling to early language and multi-word expressions.
  • Physical Development. Stage in which infants learn to control, strengthen, and discover all that their body can do.

Infant Daycare Program Curriculum

Our infant daycare programs use High Reach Learning. In this research-supported curriculum, children explore a well-rounded balance of learning experiences and are provided with many opportunities to develop important skills. Our teachers always interact with our students and ensure that their needs are met. Throughout the day, they will read books, sing songs, repeat fingerplays, imitate sounds, and encourage grasping to develop the foundational skills that your baby will need in toddlerhood and beyond.

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If you have been searching the web for 'infant daycare near me' and haven't had any luck, check out Jaycee's Early Learning Center. Get in touch with our teachers and caregivers to learn more about our Fort Washington Infant Daycare Program! We welcome you to schedule a tour of our infant daycare rooms and look forward to hearing from you!

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