Our Early Childhood Education Programs

At Jaycees Early Learning Center, we offer high-quality daycare programs for your child.

Our programs are designed to empower children — from infants to toddlers through preschoolers — and to build a solid educational foundation that will help kids be more successful in school and beyond. Your child will receive the attention and academic challenge necessary to ensure that they flourish in our safe, caring environment.


Jaycees Early Learning Center has three spacious infant rooms for your little one to explore in. Our infant caregivers will work with each child individually to accommodate their physical, cognitive, and psycho-social stages of development. Following the High Reach Learning curriculum, your infant will be provided with a well-rounded balance of learning experiences, as well as many opportunities to develop important skills. For these and other reasons, we believe our infant daycare program is one of the very best in all of Maryland. 

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The carefully constructed toddler programs at our Fort Washington daycare are designed to boost your child’s confidence as they explore the world around them through hands-on learning activities. Our dedicated teachers will plan fun, healthy, and interactive activities to encourage natural development in physical, linguistic, cognitive, and social stages. We cultivate your child’s curiosity and instill a lifelong love of learning!

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Our preschool child care programs concentrate on advanced readiness skills. Children will explore a diverse curriculum including the letters of the alphabet, name-writing, phonics, word recognition, mathematical concepts, science projects, and other essential subjects to ensure a successful start to their school career. Our early learning center teachers foster development by providing hands-on activities and learning areas. Our four-year-old day care teachers, classrooms, and curriculum bestow your child with the skills needed to grow and thrive in a variety of environments.

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Jaycees Early Learning Center offers after-school programs and activities for your elementary- age child, providing them with a safe, supervised environment that provides a mixture of learning and fun. Our qualified, accommodating teachers will offer homework help and tutoring to students as needed, in addition to leading various activities that promote creativity, decision-making, verbal and writing skills, sportsmanship, and cognitive abilities. If you need an after-school day care for your child, our learning center is the perfect solution.

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The summer child care programs at Jaycees Early Learning Center are an ideal way to keep your children focused, entertained, and stimulated during the warm season. Children enrolled in our kids summer daycare program have the amazing opportunity to experience memorable events and educational excursions throughout the community.

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Register Your Child For Our Daycare Programs

If you are searching for quality, affordable daycare in Fort Washington, Maryland, look no further than Jaycee’s Early Learning Center. It is our mission to provide access to quality child care and early education so that every child in our Maryland county area enjoys safe, nurturing, and inspirational attention. We strive for all children to feel safe, healthy, and ready to succeed in school life and beyond.

Our certified teachers are dedicated to caring for your child, providing them with the nurturing interactions and activities to help promote development. With our research-supported curriculum and unparalleled teaching methods based on interaction models and proven engagement methods, we guarantee that your child will have fun while they learn when they come to our Fort Washington daycare.


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