In early education, it’s well known that playtime is great for young children. Not only does it feel like a reward for children who have been learning or participating in classtime, but playtime is also good for children’s growing brains and bodies! When children play, they benefit from a handful of factors that effectively help them grow and develop. At Jaycee’s Early Learning Center, we’re committed to helping the little ones we work with grow and play!

Developing Imagination 

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s a highly important part of playtime and cognitive development. As children play, either by themselves or with other children, they develop imagination and creativity skills. They use their growing imagination to build up pretend scenarios or to create ‘storylines’ for toys while they play, and this mental exercise actually helps to create creative pathways in their brains that help them to problem solve and think creatively as they grow.

Building Muscles and Dexterity

When your child participates in playtime, they are more likely to move around and grow their physical skills, too. Outdoor playtime usually gets children running, jumping, rolling, and climbing, all of which are great ways to build their muscles and coordination. Indoor playtime with toys, crafts, coloring, or music helps children improve their fine motor skills for better dexterity.

Growing Cognitive Skills

When your child is playing, whether indoors or outdoors, they are also building their cognitive skills by thinking critically about their playtime, their friends, and their environment. As they play, children tend to create imaginary scenarios, some of which include problems that need to be solved. When they’re problem-solving, or even coming up with playtime ideas, they’re building their problem-solving and critical thinking skills!

Making Friends

Of course, a well-known benefit of playtime is getting to make friends! As your child grows and plays with children they know and even new children, they’ll be building their social skills and bonding with others their age through shared experiences. This is key to ensuring they have the skills needed to continue making friends at any age throughout their lives.

Jaycee’s Early Learning Center is dedicated to helping children grow and learn! Learn more about us and explore what we have to offer today!