When looking for a local daycare center near Fort Washington, Maryland, there are a lot of qualities you are looking for. One very important item you are looking for is their child development programs. Jaycee’s Early Learning Center offers daycare for infants through Pre-K, as well as after-school care. Below, we’ll take a look at how Jaycee’s Early Learning Center is innovating child development programs. Schedule a visit today!

How Jaycee's Early Learning Center Is Innovating Child Development Programs - Infographic

Constantly Challenging Our Students

Our teachers here at our early learning center understand that children learn when they are having fun. However, we constantly challenge our students to think, to learn, and to grow. We’ll push them when they need it so that they can truly see their capabilities.

teachers holding an alphabet poster

class in small reading circle

Follow a Progressive Learning Model

Our child development programs follow a progressive learning model. This means, as they grow, they are taught skills to prepare them for their next stage of learning. For example, our four-year old daycare classes focus on pre-readiness skills, so that they will be ready for kindergarten.

Combine Skill & Knowledge-Based Learning

Research has shown that children learn better with a balance of skill-based learning, such as learning to hold and cut with scissors, and knowledge-based learning, such as the names of the seven continents. We do our best to combine both skills so that children receive the opportunity to retain the knowledge for the future.

finger painting

child on playground

A Holistic Approach to Learning

At such young ages, children need to learn all aspects of themselves and the world around them. Our affordable child care center in Fort Washington takes a holistic approach to learning, incorporating activities that help develop our students physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally.


To learn more about our innovative approach to child development, schedule a tour at our Fort Washington licensed child care center today!