Becoming parents is an incredible, emotional experience, from the moment you bring your baby home and throughout every day of your maternity and paternity leave. However, the time will eventually come when you’ll need a Fort Washington, MD infant daycare center to watch over your little boy and girl and to assist his/her emotional, social, and mental development. Jaycees Early Learning Center understands how difficult it can be for new parents to drop their infants off at a licensed child care center for the first time, which is why we aim to make it as easy as possible! Check out our tips below for making this transition and learn more about our Maryland day care center!

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Infants playing with toys at daycare

Be Confident In Your Choice of Infant Daycare

When it comes time for your baby boy or girl to go to an infant daycare center, it’s natural to feel stress and anxiety about choosing the right organization. It’s common for parents to second-guess their decision, or worry about if the Jaycees Early Learning Center is right for their child. Our day care center knows how important it is to be confident in your decisions and to move forward with your choice of infant care. But to ease any worries you may have, the Jaycees Early Learning Center is a member of the Maryland State Child Care Association, is certified and credentialed by the Maryland Department of Education, and employs caregivers who are first-aid and CPR-trained.

Infant playing with toys at daycare

Give Yourself Permission to Be Emotional

When it’s time to drop off your infant at the Jaycees Early Learning Center, it’s natural to feel emotional and to even shed a few tears. Leaving your baby boy or girl with an infant daycare service for the first time can be scary, and it’s important to feel these emotions and to let it all out. Give yourself permission to cry but rest assured knowing your child is receiving the best possible early education to jump-start their cognitive, emotional, physical, and social development.

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Be Confident & Quick When Leaving The Day Care Center

During the actual drop-off of your child at our licensed child care center, it’s important to make it quick and not hang around too long. Ensure your little one sees and connects with one of our Jaycees Early Learning Center caregivers before heading out the door; staying too long may cause your child to turn their attention back to you, notice you leaving, and begin to cry. Dragging out the drop-off infant daycare process can make the entire experience more difficult for both you and your child.

Mother and father holding and smiling at their infant child

Make The Pick-Up Exciting

In contrast, our day care center recommends making the pick-up of your child as exciting as possible! Greeting your child with big smiles and giving them attention right after you get home starts reinforcing, from a young age, the idea that mommy and daddy will be back after the day is over. This is an idea that will carry through your child’s early education, which is why our Jaycees Early Learning Center recommends starting this practice early.

Trust Jaycees Early Learning Center with all your infant daycare needs! Learn more about our day care center services and contact us today with questions!

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