It seems like just yesterday that your little one said their first word, and now they are ready for an early learning center! Early learning centers are different from daycare centers. These daycare center alternatives follow a structured setting that helps promote a child’s skills and improve their readiness for school and the future.

What To Expect From An Early Learning Center

Whether this is your first time enrolling your child in an early learning center or they are starting at a new one, it is normal to be slightly nervous. Hopefully, with this blog, we can help put your mind at ease by reviewing a few of the things that you and your child can expect from an outstanding pre-k program!

Learning Through Play

Younger children tend to learn best through play. Instead of following a strict academic program, early learning centers focus on learning through play in a variety of imaginative settings. Some examples of the imaginative play that often takes place in these centers include playing house, dress-up and dramatic play, sensory play,  and — of course — arts and crafts. These kinds of interactive activities are essential for young children’s development and socialization skills.

Development of Fine Motor Skills

A reputable early learning center should have various curated learning stations to enhance the development of both large and fine motor skills. A child’s large motor skills can be worked on with physical activities, and fine motor skills will be sharpened with activities, such as putting together puzzles or building towers with toy blocks.

Reading Preparation

Early learning centers love to read! Depending on the age of your child, they may experience reading a book of their reading ability independently or together in a group with other children and a passionate teacher! One of the biggest aspects of language development for younger children is reading, so you can expect this to be a big part of an early learning center’s program structure.

Ample Outdoor Time

Time that is spent outside and away from digital screens is essential for early childhood development. A great kids’ learning program will ensure there is plenty of time outside for the children. Many programs are beginning to incorporate outdoor activities into their daily class structure!

Exposure to Math and Sciences

Many early learning programs focus on pre-readiness skills, including math and sciences. However, these activities are much more different than what you would expect to see in a school classroom. For example, children may practice science skills by planting a classroom garden, taking care of a class pet, or studying different leaves and rocks. These activities are not only designed to help children learn, but to help them become more interested in these subjects. An early learning center will help nurture the curiosity and desire for exploration of the natural world in your little one.

These are just a few of the things you can expect from a reputable early learning center. If you have questions about your child’s early learning center, do not hesitate to give them a call or visit their daycare center! They will be more than happy to help!

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