The school year has finally begun, and even though your child may have new teachers this year, you are their most important teacher. Some children may find it hard to stay motivated and focused throughout the school year, but as a parent, you, more than anyone else, can help push for resources to help them succeed because you know better than anyone what your child’s strengths are, and where they could use some help.

In this blog, we are going to review some ways parents can commit to helping their children succeed this school year.

Ensure Your Child Attends School Every Day

In order for children to have success at school, it is important that they attend. A missed day of school is a missed opportunity to learn new things. Various studies have shown that there is a strong relationship between student attendance and student achievement. When your children have a higher attendance, they will be more likely to achieve more during the year.

Create A Learning Space

Having an area free of distractions, such as the television, computer, electronics, or noisy siblings will help your child stay focused on their homework. Make sure the area offers comfort and sufficient lighting. This is also an area where they can practice reading, go through flashcards, and more!

Organize and Plan

Young children need to have structure in many areas of their lives. By scheduling schoolwork into their day, it provides them with enough time to focus. Additionally, organizing and planning provides your child with the opportunity to recognize that once their homework is complete, they are free to relax, unwind, and do something else. Starting these habits early will help set the bar for studying habits as they grow. The success a child has in school partially comes down to a child’s organizational ability.

Promote Reading

Reading helps children develop literacy skills and improve their grammar and speech. These are important not only for success during the school year, but for the rest of their lives, their future careers, and their relationships. There’s plenty of studies that suggest students exposed to reading, especially before pre-k, are more likely to succeed in all areas of formal education.

Communicate With Your Child

It is important for parents to stay connected with their kids when it comes to school. Engage with your child and ask her how the school day was. Try asking questions about school, homework, recess, and what they are happy or excited about. Ask them about their teachers, and classmates. Try to identify any challenges they are facing and what it is they succeed at to better support them with their school work. Remember to always express interest and curiosity when talking about school, as it will help your child better understand what they do at school is important.

Celebrate Success

Always remain positive during the school year. Make sure to congratulate your child and show excitement when they do something well. If your child paints a picture or receives an award at school, put it up on the refrigerator for all to see. Celebrating success will encourage children to keep working hard. And, if things are not going great, affirmations and encouragement can help your child keep working hard rather than giving up.

Encourage After School Programs

After school activities are a great way to find balance with academics and can even enhance your child’s academic abilities. Look for local afterschool programs that assist your child with any homework they have and provide them with various activities that foster what they have learned in school. These programs should promote creativity, decision-making skills, verbal and writing skills, sportsmanship, and cognitive abilities.

By following these tips, you can help your child have more success this school year. Remember, you can always connect with your child’s teacher to learn about areas your child is succeeding at as well as areas that may need improvement.

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