Now that summer is here, you may have been wondering what there is for your child to do while you are at work. For working parents, there are a variety of options and ways to keep their children entertained during the summer months without disrupting your schedule. One way parents can ensure that their children have fun while still learning is by enrolling them in a summer program at a daycare center!

At Jaycees Early Learning Center, we strive to combine both fun and learning, and our summer programs going on right now are a terrific way to do that! Our summer programs provide children not only with a solid educational foundation with in-house activities and learning, but we also take weekly field trips to exciting and fun destinations nearby. In this blog, we are going to take a look at some of the benefits of enrolling your children into summer programs.

The Benefits of Kids Summer Programs

Compared to sitting at home all summer long, child care programs have plenty of associated benefits. In today’s blog, we are going to take a look at a few of these benefits.

Develops Social Skills

During the school year, your child has plenty of opportunities to socialize with other kids. However, children may not have the same opportunity once school is out. When kids are bored, they often want to sit in front of the television or turn to electronics and mobile devices in order to find stimulation. While these may be a solution to eliminate boredom, it does not help social skill development.

Enrolling your child in a summer program will give them plenty of opportunities to socialize with other kids of a similar age. Instead of children wasting countless hours in front of a screen, with summer programs, children will have the opportunity to learn, participate in fun and interactive field trips, and interact and experience new activities with other children.

Promotes Cognitive Development

For most of the year, you child likely either goes to school or is enrolled in a local daycare or learning center where they begin to learn valuable skills and are constantly improving their cognitive development. However, when the final bell of the school year rings and the summer has officially arrived, children no longer receive the same brain stimulation they would the majority of the year, potentially resulting in summer learning loss. Various studies have proven that children that do not keep up with academics during summer break can lose as much as three months of basic skills.

Many summer programs at early learning centers include activities that continue to build on their educational foundation. These programs are designed to make learning fun and to incorporate lessons with fun activities and games.

Encourages Physical Activity

Every parent knows the importance of keeping their children active. With many children spending their summers glued to a couch, it’s important to ensure your kids do not get into that habit. The summer brings nice weather and plenty of opportunities for children to get up, go outside, and play. Summer programs incorporate plenty of fun outdoor activities to help children burn their endless energy. What’s more, regular physical activity in young children has been known to help ease anxiety, outbursts, and temper tantrums, and it can even help regulate their sleep schedule. Physical activity is an important part of young children expending the boundless energy that they build up. Summer programs provide a perfect and healthy place for them to burn that energy while you’re at work – leaving them happy and exhausted at the end of the day.

These are just a few of the many benefits of summer programs at an early learning center or daycare. Not only do they help children develop social skills, they also promote cognitive development and physical activity.

If you are interested in kids summer programs in Fort Washington, be sure to check out what Jaycees Early Learning Center has to offer! Our summer programs are designed to promote learning and cognitive development in a fun and exciting way and are perfect for working parents! We offer affordable weekly tuition rates, making it easy to keep your children engaged, learning, and having fun during the summer months. Our summer programs have already started, to learn more about registration information or some of our other child care programs, contact us today.