Welcome back to our blog at Jaycees Early Learning Center in Fort Washington, Maryland! It’s been a few weeks since we’ve gotten the chance to sit down and share what’s on our minds (it’s the holidays, after all), but we’ve been able to find a few spare hours on this, the 27th of December. 

It’s remarkable how time flies, isn’t it? The decade has come and has almost gone! We are sure you’ve seen a host of lists spouting off the top “x” of the decade, whether it be soccer goals or developments in the world of childcare. Well, to be fair, we haven’t seen that last one, but it would be one that’d catch our eye if we were to see it. But we digress. 

Back to the time flying business. Babies that we were taking care of at the beginning of the decade are now well into grade school. And you young parents who were scared to death of the prospect of raising a family are now seasoned veterans — you made it, congratulations! 

We aren’t original in this thought, and neither are we trying to be. Perhaps it’s the holidays making us feel sentimental coupled with the passing of another decade. Regardless of reasons, our advice at Jaycees is to stop and smell the roses, as it were. In this case (and to stay on brand), the roses are your little ones and smelling them could mean anything from hugging and holding them to, well, literally smelling them because they are cute and precious and little ones smell wonderful. 

We digress a second time. 

We Appreciate You

To the uninitiated, our blogs are usually bulleted lists about the benefits of daycare with regards to social, cognitive, and/or psychological development. They also serve to describe the variety of daycare programs we offer in Fort Washington, MD. 

Today’s blog is a horse of a different color. We just want to say thanks. We wouldn’t be blogging right now without you and your trust. We wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the holidays the way we did without you. We do our best to provide safe, nurturing, and inspiring daycare so that your children can enter the educational world healthy and eager to learn about themselves, each other, and the world!

Our Programs

To make this blog a shade more businesslike, we’ll briefly remind you of our daycare programs before bidding you farewell. 

  • Infant Program – Featuring experienced infant caregivers who work with each child individually. 
  • Toddler Program – Boost your child’s confidence with interactive activities to encourage physical, language, cognitive, and social development.
  • Four Year Program – Preschool childcare program with a special focus on pre-readiness skills in reading and writing. 
  • School Age Program – After-school programs for your child with a mixture of learning and fun.
  • Summer Program – Keep your child’s mind engaged during the summer with our kids’ summer daycare program in Fort Washington.

We are proud to be your Fort Washington Daycare of choice, and we hope that you’ll continue to trust us as we move toward 2020. Here’s to ten more years with Jaycees Early Learning Center! Contact your local daycare today if you need anything at all. And have a happy New Year!