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Yes, yes, we know — that’s not the most normal way to start a blog post. But in our defense, we’d be remiss if we failed to mention this great deal we’ve got on offer at the moment. 

However, we understand that, while price point is important, it is far from the most significant factor for most parents looking to find a reliable, trustworthy childcare center for their child. There are plenty of other characteristics to consider, including:

  • What kind of approach do they take with early childhood education?
  • What will I get besides babysitting and traditional child care services?
  • Are your teachers and caregivers certified and credentialed? 
  • Is your facility safe, clean, and supervised at all times?

And these are just a few of the many we could list. But in the interest of time, we want to transition from the general to the specific. Rather than writing about daycares in a general sense, we want to highlight what we offer in each of our daycare programs here at Jaycees Early Learning Center. Ultimately, our goal is to help our students develop and grow in unique ways at each program. Our curriculum is shaped around the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical developments that take place during each age range, so your child will be met with the correct learning materials for their educational arc! 

If you are interested in learning more about Jaycees Early Learning Center and our educational approach to child care, read on! That’s all we are going to be discussing for the rest of today’s blog!

Infant Program

Many parents know that what an infant learns and experiences during the first year of their life becomes a foundational platform upon which they will build for the rest of their lives. At Jaycees, we offer three large infant rooms where teachers have space and time to work individually with each child — addressing their physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development through intentional interaction. 

Our caregivers also have planned activities throughout the day where caregivers can interact with babies to achieve individual goals we’ve worked with parents to formulate. As time passes, the schedule is modified based on each child’s development. 

We use the Maryland State Department of Education’s Healthy Beginnings Guidelines to track said developmental progress, facilitating healthy activities to encourage growth in the following areas:

  • Personal-Social Development – Increases an infant’s self-awareness, how they feel about others, and how they are able to play and communicate with others 
  • Cognitive Development – A baby’s development in their capacity to listen and understand those around them
  • Language Development – A facet of cognitive development and social development, language development is characterized by an infant’s ability to listen, understand, and use words. The progression starts with crying, turns into babbling, which eventually become words, phrases, and complete sentences!
  • Physical Development – Our activities will help promote a baby’s ability to control their body and learn about themselves. 

Toddler Program 

Our toddler classes continue with the trend the Infant Program classes started, as we promote learning about the surrounding environment and social skill development in our young students. 

A well-balanced toddler daycare program will give your child confidence to explore the world around them each day. Through hands-on learning activities, your child will experience a wide range of what the world has to offer —  whether it’s at our toddler activity center, outside in our play area, or elsewhere. Keep in mind that, throughout the course of the day, our teachers will engage with each child individually to help grow their language skills. As we’ve mentioned before, we track the developmental progress of each child in our program, as we work closely with parents to plan fun, healthy, and interactive activities to promote growth in a variety of developmental areas. 

Two Year Program

For anyone who is the parent of a two-year-old child, we are preaching to the choir when we tell you they are bursting at the seams with curiosity and energy. What’s more, this is the age where toddlers begin to establish their need for independence, on one level or another. 

At Jaycees Two Year Program, we embrace this time of life with activities and curriculum designed to ignite these sparks of imagination and curiosity. We want children to be filled with a sense of wonderment about themselves and their world. We do this through exploring the following areas:

  • Language and Literacy­
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Dramatic Play
  • Building Blocks
  • Computer
  • Library
  • Music

Our teachers love introducing children to letters, numbers, science experiments, reading, art materials, and much more. Because the best kind of learning is done through play, we vary our teaching style using sing-along songs, games, fingerplays, conversations, and activities to help keep children engaged and having fun. Indeed, we’d argue the best kind of play is the one that involves learning!

Three Year Program

The teachers in our Three Year Program will continue to build responsive, caring relationships with your child. Through engaging children in play and hands-on learning activities, our credentialed teachers are able to support our students’ appreciation for peer relationships and individual interests, and especially their own independence. We use portfolios to plan activities according to the unique needs of each student. 

Four Year Program

Jaycees Early Learning Center offers a four-year-old daycare program with custom curriculum, teachers, and classrooms which will support children with what they’ve already learned at our programs. 

More specifically, our preschool age daycare programs focus on pre-readiness skills in areas such as word recognition, mathematical concepts, the alphabet, writing their names, science projects, and other core concepts. Again, each child in our four-year-old program will have a portfolio created to track progress and customize their learning plan according to their needs. 

School Age Program

The final daycare program we’d like to highlight is our School Age daycare program in Fort Washington. This is an after-school program intended to provide high-quality educational, recreational, and social programs for students. We help with homework and offer tutoring, but there is more to it than that. Our credentialed teachers set up programs to stimulate students’ social physical, and intellectual capacities through a variety of activities. 

So, if you are stuck at work and don’t want your child to be alone (or doing who knows what) until you are home, Jaycees after-school program might be just the ticket! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog. And remember, now is a great time to sign up with our Fort Washington child care center because you will save $100 off your first week of tuition! Reach out to us today to get started.