Learn. Develop. Grow. If you live near Fort Washington, MD, Jaycee’s Early Learning Center is a local daycare worth your consideration. Well, we call ourselves a Fort Washington daycare center, but we are so much more than that.

We offer “structured learning for the same price of daycare,” as Jaycee Foundation president Steve Novak put so well. Steve’s talking about our innovative and genuinely unique approach to childcare as a whole. We approach the idea of daycare and early child education with a focus on engaging with our young students. If we can capture their attention, no matter what the lesson or activity happens to be, it’s a foundation for inspiring a love for learning. That’s how our credentialed and certified caregivers and teachers create activities that stir up the imagination of each child who walks through our doors.

All of that, coupled with our commitment to provide safe, secure child care, makes us an option we hope you consider as you search for the right daycare facility in Fort Washington.

In terms of industry credentials, we are members of the following associations:

  • Maryland State Child Care Association
  • Prince George’s County Group Child Care Association
  • National Early Childhood Education Program Accredited #21593
  • Child Development Association

In addition, we are First AID and CPR trained, and we are both certified and credentialed by the Maryland State Department of Education. Our goal is to provide young children a safe and affordable center for child care.

The Benefits Of Childcare

Now that we’ve gotten some of the specifics about our own Fort Maryland daycare established, we’d like to speak more generally about childcare in today’s blog. Whether you have an infant, toddler, or school-aged children, you should be able to find some practically useful information regarding the many benefits of daycare. So if you are interested in learning more about the social, cognitive, and academic development that can occur at a place like Jaycees Early Learning Center, by all means, read on!

Time Spent Around Peers

Let’s start with a benefit that comes to mind fairly easily for most of us — daycare means your child will be around other children. And while it’s easy to think about the potential drawbacks of that (yes, we are talking about germs spreading), it’s even easier to recognize that children of every age should be spending time with their peers.

Parents inherently understand the importance of play-dates, and utilizing a daycare’s facilities is a great way to have a trustworthy structure around all events — especially when you, the parent, can’t be there to supervise! So just like with playdates, daycare interaction is a chance for children to safely explore, test their own limits, problem-solve, and learn how to share (among other key skills). It’s an excellent chance for children to discover that they are their own person apart from the family unit. Fostering this sense of individuality from an early age is a great way for children to develop their personalities from a young age.

Adult Interaction

As we said, the benefit of children getting the chance to play with other children is a fairly obvious one, all things considered. But what is less obvious is the benefit of children getting the chance to interact with adults other than their parents and other family members — perhaps for the first time in their lives.

A Variety Of Activities

The busy schedule which adults who are professional caregivers provide offers an appropriate variety of activities for young children with industrious minds. Researchers from the University of Virginia, Stanford University, Cornell University, and the Urban Institute used nationally representative data to study differences between organized preschool settings and informal, at-home child care. “We also found that beyond their credentials, teachers in preschool settings provide a more developmentally stimulating environment,” assistant professor in UVA’s Curry School of Education Daphna Bassok said. “In many home-based settings, children spend non-trivial portions of their day watching television.

The study’s true purpose was to investigate any differences in school readiness. They found that, by age five, children who have attended formal child care facilities have significantly stronger math and reading skills when compared to children who only attended informal daycare settings. “Our findings suggest that these big quality disparities across sectors have meaningful implications for children’s development, and that improving the quality of family child care homes, or helping families find higher quality settings could have meaningful implications.

Cognitive Development

Research conducted by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) took a look at the cognitive and language-based development of children who attended child care centers (compared with children who attended home-based daycares).

The study found that “center-based child care” (daycares) correlated with improved cognitive and language development, improved pre-academic skills which had to do with numbers and letters, fewer behavioral problems at age two and three.

And just so you know we aren’t looking at the facts with rose-tinted glasses, it’s important to note that the study also found more behavioral problems in children who attended daycare around age four and a half.

Your Children Will Be Happy

Not all daycare centers are created equal — that much is certain! But the last benefit we’d like to highlight in today’s blog is a fairly simple one: children get to laugh, dance, sing, and learn about the world with other children. For almost everyone, that’s a great thing.

At an early learning center like Jaycees, we learn through our play so that your child will develop a natural affection for discovery — and maybe even school — as a result.

We want to be your Fort Washington Daycare of choice here at Jaycees Early Learning Center, and we believe we have the facilities, staff, and love for children which all come together to make a big difference.

Summer Daycare Programs

If you are looking into summer daycare programs, we’ve got affordable weekly tuition rates for our Maryland summer program. Our kids summer programs include:

  • An interactive learning center that has a large computer lab and computers in each classroom.
  • An introduction to Spanish.
  • Weekly field trips based on curriculum or a theme.
  • A safe, secure, and healthy learning environment.
  • High Reach Learning Curriculum (Approved by the Maryland State Department of Education)
  • Accredited (National Early Childhood Program Accreditation NECPA)
  • Level 3 Maryland EXCELS programs
  • And tons of field trips to boot!

Save $100 off your first week of tuition and contact the best Fort Washington, MD child care center today! We’d love to hear from you and get the chance to tell you what the Jaycees difference is all about. Learn. Develop. Grow.