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4 Social Benefits

Of Your Child Attending Daycare

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Daycare offers many benefits for children, including social benefits. At Jaycee's Early Learning Center in Fort Washington, we take a unique approach to daycare and child care that involves a holistic approach that focuses on cognitive, emotional, physical, and social development. Below, we'll take a look at four social benefits of your child attending a licensed childcare center. Contact us for enrollment information today!

Children at daycare playing with blocks

Helps to Teach Children Communication Skills

Communication is more than just stating what you want and demanding it to be met by whoever you are talking to. Communication is about interacting with others on their level so you can enjoy each other's company and have fun while doing so. In addition, one study showed that children placed in an affordable childcare center were able to adjust their communication style based on who they were interacting with.

diverse group of kids playing on outdoor playground

Helps to Teach Children How to Share & Resolve Arguments

Everyone gets into arguments, but the key to relationship building is how to argue fairly and come to a win/win resolution at the end. When children are in safe, structured, and supervised settings, such as a licensed childcare center, they can develop the knowledge of how to share and resolve conflict correctly and quickly.

infants playing with toy food at daycare

Helps to Teach Children How to Play Well With Others & Get Along

Learning to play well with others is super important on a social level. After all, children will be interacting with others throughout their entire lives. Constantly getting into fights because children don't understand others can be problematic as they get older.

group of young boys playing with toys at daycare

Helps to Teach Children How to Make Friends

Making friends is hard even for adults. That's because it takes work on both friends' sides. Learning how to have a conversation with others and find similar interests is a skill that will serve children for a lifetime. Children need friendships so that they can enjoy the world around them by sharing it with others.


Jaycee's Early Learning Center in Fort Washington is much more than just a place to drop your child off for the day. We craft exceptional early learning curricula for your child that encompasses life skills that will develop them in all ways, including socially and educationally. Schedule your tour at our affordable childcare center to learn more today!

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