The big day is fast approaching — it’s almost time to send your child to their first day of daycare! At Jaycees Early Learning Center, we know that this momentous occasion can also be a stressful one. Fortunately, our licensed daycare in Fort Washington, MD is a safe, supportive, and fun environment that you can trust. Here are four daycare essentials that you can pack with your child to make the first day go even smoother!

Diapers and Wipes

At our infant and toddler daycare programs, we’re well-acquainted with these two childcare necessities. While we keep plenty of diapers and wipes in stock ourselves, you might want to send extras with your child just in case. Especially if you prefer certain brands of diapers and wipes for your little one, it can be helpful for our licensed child care staff to have these within easy reach!

stack of diapers

baby with pacifier


Pacifiers can be an easy and effective way to help soothe your infant when they get upset. At Jaycees Early Learning Center in Fort Washington, we always strive to engage your child in age-appropriate activities that aid in cognitive development, physical development, and more. For times when they may need a comforting distraction, though, a sanitary pacifier from home might do the trick!


Swaddle your child in the comforts of home by sending them to daycare with a cozy blanket! The warmth and reassurance that a blanket provides can soothe your child during our storytimes and hands-on learning activities.

rolled up baby blanket

kid outfit

Backup Clothes

Our licensed daycare programs emphasize the safety and engagement of your child, which means constant supervision and care. However, sometimes spills and other accidents can happen. In cases like this, having an extra pair of clothes for your child is ideal. We can get them cleaned up and back into one of our fun, developmental activities in no time!

With these daycare essentials in hand, your infant or toddler will be able to take on the world! If you want to send them to the best daycare and early learning center in Maryland, we’re ready to help them grow! Enroll today!